Haven’t blog for a while…

One event after another, life gets busier and busier. A stay-home-mum with no full-time helper is a very busy mum indeed. Each day just passes by with a blink of an eye. Finally, had my hair trimmed yesterday.
Kai has been selected for the Author Mentorship Programme. He is a happy boy. The no students from the school has been selected for many years now and this year, two students are selected and Kai is one of them. Yay!!!
School work has been getting heavier and tougher by the day. What are they looking for? The next Einstein ? Seriously, who in the world can solve some of these most ridiculous Math problems?
I will be starting school again, this Friday. The schedule is scary. One step at a time, one day at a time, I will make it with the Almighty’s help.
My little prince

Found this old photo of the spouse and little Kai
Kai was only about two if I am not wrong. Look at the little tiny man and his big papa.

Kai and his papa. A little taller than his papa now. Miss them so much when they were younger. Don’t you wish they just don’t grow up. Impossible, deal with it, mama!

My thoughts on the boy blogger who was charged…

I am really clueless as to what he is up to. Perhaps, he is out to prove something, I don’t know. I empathise his parents. To have a son of such high intellect and no fear for anything, not even the judge. I do not condone his actions but I think, the authorities should have handled it better.

“At about 6.10pm, Yee was brought to the bail centre, still handcuffed and with ankle restraints, accompanied by more than five officers. Youth and family counsellor Vincent Law posted bail for him.” (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/youth-counsellor-bails/1797756.html?cx_tag=similar#cxrecs_s)

Seriously, in handcuffs and ankle restraints? I thought these are meant for hardcore criminals?
Perhaps, I see the case from a counsellor’s point of view, to unlock this child, you just got to find the right keyhole and use the right key. I also don’t know how but I m sure there is a way of doing it. There is a need to trace his life from birth.

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