What have been happening?

The kids have finished SA1. I am a mum who does not really care much about marks but I emphased a lot on attitude. If you have studied hard but still remain average, I would think that you are just not academically inclined and must really work hard on a skill. But…if you have the I-don’t-care attitude and get bad marks….it is all about making a change.  Kai continue to show average results. He is clearly an arts student. Double Math and double Science is just not doing him any good but will see. Can’t change now.

Ann continue to hand up careless work. She did well but it could have been a better result if not for her carelessness.  

Kai has been selected to attend the creative arts programme camp at NUS. He was away for a good four days. I believe he is now a more matured writer after brushing shoulders with some of the finest writers from other schools and learning from some of the who and the who from the writing field.

Good for him. I have decided to leave him. After all, he is already 15yo, he has to take responsibility for his own life.

I have started class. It has been hectic. Continuous weekend classes. Weekend class means full day from 9am to 6pm but it has been very enriching, learning new therapies. Although I must say that I don’t accept everything that has been taught but in life, we should just keep what is worth keeping. Last Saturday’s class was difficult to concentrate. It was the day where a group of primary school kids and their teachers were caught in the Sabah earthquake.

The latest news was that six children and one teacher did not make it. It was heart wrenching reading the news. So painful that these kids are gone just like that. It must have been frightening for them. According to news report, may of them still have their harness on them. Imagine, the very thing which was to save them, killed them. Perhaps, they just don’t have time to react. You know, what is really painful will be for their parents to carry on with life without their kids. I think many will leave with guilt – that they allow them to go. Of course, no one is to be blamed but it is human nature to react this way.

I told Ann, now you know why I don’t sign all the consent forms.

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