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The final lap is really the toughest. Almost every Saturday is a full day school. Assignments to hand up every month. Therapies are no longer so straight forward. Practicum to do, supervisor to meet. So much to do, so much to complete but…

“Life is an obstacle course. Neither moaning nor surrendering to depression can change things for the better. We have to roll with the punches, grit our teeth and carry on with life.”

“16 year-old Aloysius from Damai Secondary School committed suicide 3 nights ago in his family flat at Block 602, Bedok Reservoir Road, where he was discovered hanging from the ceiling by his distraught parents. Friends and relatives have all expressed shock at his suicide, with many wondering what drove him to desperation. Yet some classmates and friends of Aloysius have been blaming themselves for not spotting the tell tale signs of Aloysius' plans for suicide. According to a friend of Aloysius, the 16 year-old was not popular in school, although he had many friends outside of school. This is why Aloysius hated school and posted often on his twitter account about his feelings of loneliness in school. Another unnamed friend of Aloysius said that since February this year, Aloysius had started showing signs of depression, which may have contributed to Aloysius' decision to end his life”

I am blogging about this event because both boys are 16 year-old, both names start with the letter ‘A’. Both were lonely in school. Both vocalised their emotions on the social media. One caught the world’s attention because his expressions included that of a prominent person. The other one, caught the attention of his friends but no one did anything. He eventually died.  It is so easy for us to point our fingers at young people and tell them to show respect and be mindful of what they said in social media. Maybe it is time we pay attention to the other four fingers which are pointing at ourselves. Why are they not able to bring their thoughts to a physical being and get help? Why do we sensationalise a piece of news on social media for one and not the other? What have gone wrong in society that young people can only turn to the social media to release their emotions?

We wrapped up our session on Redecision Therapy (RT). Like TA, I find RT a very real therapy and one which can really help many people in need. It traced all the way to the client’s childhood. It is what we learned and experienced during our childhood years, that mould us and make us into who we will become when we become adult. So much truth in it. The kind of values we received when we were a child remained inside us. If they are good values, great! If they are negative values, it can create a lot of problems for us. This could result in marriage break down, depression, anger, anxiety.
There are children who never feel that they are good enough because their parents have told them they are never good enough. Like a friend of Ann. No matter how good is her score, she is never happy because ‘mum says unless it is this, you are not good enough.’

Finally, rejoice with me. We are now proud owners of a freehold office space which we have named it The Blue-Pencil. Meaning : to alter, abridge, or cancel with or as with a pencil that has blue lead,as in editing a manuscript.

Yes, that’s my job. To help others help themselves edit their script! In the meantime, it is work and more work.

Wrap-up for this posting…no matter how busy, there is always time for friends, food and durian

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